Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Another day in Bursa - 11/4/2009

    This is a short entry as I didn’t really have a lot of activities today. I had a good nights sleep last night--I don’t think that I woke up at all during the night. I did wake up at 7 am feeling like I had to go to the bathroom, but fell back asleep again until 8 am. I took a shower and got dressed and then checked some emails before breakfast. Then I joined one of Randy’s friends at his office while we waited for Jeff and Randy to arrive.
    When they arrived we walked through town to go to the Kamil Koc office to buy our tickets for the bus and high speed train to Ankara. We walked to one office which was nearby and they said that we needed to buy the tickets at another office. We walked there and finally found the right office. We bought the tickets and then headed out for some lunch. We had some soup and bread for lunch, I think they called it Ezzo. It was good and very filling. After lunch we returned to our friends office where had (lots of) tea and good conversations with some of the locals who are friends with Randy’s friends. We then went out again to go eat dinner and some of them joined us. We all something very delicious for dinner, called Iskender. It is a dish that I think was invented here in Bursa and consists of bread with slices of lamb (gyro) meat topped with something like pizza sauce, with a side of their garlic / yogurt mix. It kind of tasted like pizza to me, though it didn’t really look like it.

On to the bullet train tomorrow :)

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  1. O.K. Not a real eventful day,but a step to your next destination,and always some very interesting foods along the way. Looking forward to the next place that you go on the bullet train with your friends,be safe,love, Grandma