Sunday, November 1, 2009

Dinner at midnight - 10/31/2009

After sitting for a long time, I began to wonder if they were going to be serving the dinner part of the menu after all, since it had gotten so late. They had already been down the aisle with the drink carts (which included complimentary alcoholic beverages!) and it had been a long time. I was feeling hungry and didn’t think dinner was coming, so I munched on some nuts and waited. About 11:30pm as I was dozing off, they started serving the dinner. I ordered the pasta with minced lamb and it was really delicious. All of the food was really good for airplane food. They even had real metal cutlery.

After finishing dinner, I started to feel sleepy again and dozed off. For the next few hours I was sort of in and out of sleep. It seemed like things were really rough the whole time when we were flying over Greenland. I think the bumpiness sort of lulled me to sleep though. By the middle of the flight my behind and legs were really starting to get sore. I put my pillow behind my lower back and that really seemed to help.

Without about an hour and a half left till Istanbul, they served us breakfast. This was really delicious, especially the grilled chicken sausage. I think I like Turkish Airline food :) The remainder of the flight in to Istanbul was fairly uneventful. I read through some of a book I had not yet finished for most of the time. The only interesting thing was on our approach to the runway, it seemed to be really windy. We were coming in over the water, almost opposite the direction we had approached the city and I could see whitecaps on the waves below us. I was sitting on one of the seats near the wings and I noticed what looked like the flaps were going in and out rapidly. I don’t think the flaps are supposed to do that, so maybe they were something else. Just a few seconds before we landed, there was a big dip, like a roller coaster. It was kind of fun and scary and thankfully we didn’t crash.

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  1. Kel,I asked George about flaps and he said if conditions were windy and plane was landing,he thought the in and out of the flaps would be automatically controlled depending on how windy on landing,he also said things have changed so since he flew a plane,about the time your Grandpa George would have been in the service.So as you did, enjoy the excitement of the flight,love you, G~ma